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The ancient artifact you are looking at came from the caves of Lavingnon Burimeaux in Southern France. Professors Carl Sauvignon and Adele Merlot of the Institute of Archeological Studies in Colombard, France, made the incredible find, which is now being called Cave Meds.

Cave Meds appears to be older than the paintings in the Lascaux Caves. Carbon dating sets this incredibly rare archeological find to be approximately 40,000 years prior to the Lascaux Paintings. Artist Jon Harvey was in total shock when he was advised that Cave Meds was discovered. He was invited to the Institute of Archaeological Studies in Colombard, France, to view what appears to be an early relic of his more contemporary Meds Series that he has been working on for many years.

His humorous initial reaction to seeing it in person was, "I wonder if they put in for a copyright?"

The piece will be on tour throughout the coming year and Professor Sauvignon indicated, "There will be lines out the door and around the block to see this incredibly ancient artifact. I seriously wouldn't doubt that it was probably made by a very, very distant relative of Monsieur Harvey!"

Cave Meds