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Born 1975 in Clakatee, Minnesota; lives and works in Fladaly, Texas

Albert Bromosante fashions his small collages over inordinate amounts of time, shifting and moving the pieces until his senses communicate to him that all is in the proper order. In looking directly at his small collage environments, one could easily dismiss his work and say that he is nuts. Itís only when you begin a counter-clockwise walk around the pieces that you see the immense and quite startling historical messages heís creating. His small, intense and powerful pieces each take approximately three to four years to make. He spends a great deal of time sitting in the many fast-food restaurants he must eat in, in order to obtain the wrappers exclusively used in his strong messages. He has been known to live in several of these fast-food establishments for weeks at a time, working and reworking the wrappers in order to achieve the essence of the pieces he makes. If you look closely you can see the similarities between Bromosanteís work and Heironymous Bosch. Aside from their being instances where heretical points of view are elicited, there are also unusually dense communications to obscure hermetic practices which, of course, were highly prevalent in Boschís-16th century paintings. The orthodox religious beliefs that are presented here are intensely similar to Boschís paintings in both physical mastery and the concept of ambiguity art.

Mr. Bromosante has indicated that, ďIím not 100% sure of what Iím really doing but I know itís art and that itís important.Ē

Bromosante Art