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Angelina Delowitz-Spinorderindo
Born 1998, in Dalawa, Kansas - works and lives in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Delowitz-Spinorderindo's sculptures have no inherent value whatsoever. That, in itself, is what makes them so highly charged and relevant as a vehicle in the world of art. Recently comparing Delowitz-Spinorderindo's work to Michelangelo's David, the well-known and oft-quoted art critic Samuel Malaise indicated the startling and uncanny resemblances to the famed 16th-century iconic sculpture standing in the rotunda of the Galleria dell Accademia in Florence, Italy.

What is remarkable about Delowitz-Spinorderlindo's work is the careful assemblage of geometric shapes and conical influences ever-so-closely relating similarities in the curves and lines of David as well as several other major pieces from the 16th century.

Although only fifteen years old, Angelina shows remarkable talents and a genius for publicity and just generally getting into people's faces. She recently went to Florence, Italy, with her parents, to visit the Galleria dell Accademia to see Michelangelo's David in the flesh, so to speak.

While there, she placed one of her sculptures at the foot of David and photographed it using her smartphone. Italian security guards took her and her parents to the basement of the Galleria and questioned them as to the placement of Angelina's sculpture at the foot of David and the photos of Angelina's parents pointing to Angelina's sculpture while standing directly in front of David.

The head curator, Professore Merlina Della Spindorno, not related, remarked at the large interesting balls in Angelina's sculpture or, as she said, in Italian, "Grande Bello Scroto." Professore Spindorno deftly helped to put aside the security guards' feelings about Angelina's own grande scroto for putting her sculpture at the base of David and invited Angelina and her parents to join her for lunch at the fabled Mengino's Pizzeria around the corner from the Galleria.

Discussion is currently underway for the purchase of Angelina's sculpture and the construction of a small room adjoining Michelangelo's David, to exhibit her profoundly important and indisputably intense artistic masterpiece.

Angelina Art