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Tracy Kampusill

Tracy Kampusill, the unofficial doyenne of pop art, continues to astound her collectors and ardent fans as well as her colleagues with her ability to metamorphose her work in such exacting, clear and poetic terms.

Take, for instance, "Can." The fact that the can is open, slightly dented on one side and bereft of a label tells us so much about Kampusill's unique persona and her depth of release of zeitgeist as well as the profound ecological contributions of using her garbage to put on sale to the highest bidder.

Kampusill's recent show at the Bernathy Galleries in Titerwitch, England, is a clear example of her sheer powers. All 126 pieces featured in the show, made up mostly of garbage she collected from her trash bins, were pre-sold within 24 hours of its opening. Almost unheard of in today's economy, it is a tribute to an iconic pop star that her work is avidly collected and loved by millions.

Lionel Denton-Willing, the rubber band magnate, one of the largest collectors of Kampusill's work, commented at the opening of the Bernathy Galleries show, There's no one quite like Tracy. Her garbage is another man's gold! God bless her!

Kampusill Art