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Martin Sender Meganiffy, in his new show at the Aberwengdingumbry Galleries, has once again established the depth and grace that we have become accustomed to with his disarming, original, and clearly genius-inspired pieces.

One could not expect Mr. Meganiffy to be able to top his last show, last Spring, at the Museum of Modern Art. There, he took 40,000 small red beetles and let them loose throughout the Museum, creating such an astounding and truly mind-boggling art piece the likes of which we have not seen for several decades. The Museum, closed over the past four months for a thorough extermination, will re-open next week.

Meganiffy's new work, Core, is so vast in its presence that when standing in front of it you can feel the magnitude of similarities with the Sistine Chapel in Rome and the Ghiberti Doors in Florence, Italy. The simple, plain, quiet cardboard toilet paper core lying on the rigid, transparent, clear piece of Lucite creates a majesty that many have said resonates directly to these masterworks created in the fifteenth century. I tend to agree.

I found myself transfixed for over an hour, wholly committed to this brilliance that you can rarely find in very few artists these days.

Go see this piece. No, run to see this piece. It will change your life.

Ann Devon Splitswrennig
Senior Art Critic - Art Tomorrow, Tonight & Thursday Magazine

Martin Sender Meganiffy