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Callie Prendenton

Callie Prendenton, whose work has always carried such profound ideas and imaginative exercises in the realms of creativity, continues to astound.

The Finkelhammerdinston Gallery, located in Beverly Hills, has brought together 425 of her magnificent photos of celebrities' large toes. The exhibit is considered the largest collection of photographs of famous large toes to have ever been shown.

Ms. Prendenton, who has been photographing celebrities' large toes for the past fifty-two years, has indicated that she has 42,325 photos of famous people's large toes. Of course, aside from being an extremely important and well-known artist whose large toe photos go for, at times, astronomical prices, she humbly admits, "I just photograph their toes and try to get them relaxed while doing it."

The stunning individuality of the toe photos shines through in Prendenton's originality in preparing the subjects for the photo session. She indicates, "They find my offer of a foot massage prior to the session quite relaxing and they seem to enjoy the photo session for what it is."

Nelson Binderom, the pitchfork mogul, has one of the largest collections of Prendenton's toe photos. He has built a special wing to his home in Clabbersed, Ohio, to accommodate his vast collection. He indicated: "I absolutely love Callie's work. It's so real!"

Clausto-Winkum Auction House, at their recent London event, brought in well over 325 million pounds for Prendenton's Toe Photos. Ms. Prendenton's reaction was simply, "It's so lovely to see people enjoying my Toe Photos as much as they do."

Asked who her favorite subjects were, she demurely insists she finds them all just fabulous individuals to have worked with. Pressed, she does hesitantly admit that Stalin, one of her very first toes, was a favorite and Pinkie Lee was also just funny as all get out.

Her works are included in the permanent collections of MOCAT, The Museum of Contemporary Articulation of the Toes in Punktamin, Minnesota; the Binkie-Lasertom Museum of Modern Art in Delwo, Idaho; the Museum of Body Parts in Clanakee, Montana; and the Vatican's Special Collection of Modern Art and Photography in Rome, Italy.

This exhibition is simply not to be missed!

The Finkelhammerdinston Gallery
Beverly Hills, CA

Callie Prendenton